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Blustery Days

For twenty years I have been very much in love with both traveling and plein air painting. I've spent time in some very beautiful places, Paris being my favorite. I learned so much as the love came through my paints and on to my paper. So it was a great surprise a few years ago when the part that knew how to paint left. It was like the tide went out, Then it went out again.


It's a strange thing when something you love leaves. So I took a watercolor class hoping to reconnect to my paints. I changed my palette. I bought new brushes. I began to draw again. I learned new formulas for shadows. I learned to paint with an illuminated darkness.


This collection of paintings are my journey of the last two years. In the series Taos I can see my old palette start to slip away. I can see the new begin to emerge as the paint begins to speak.